The 5 Best Golf Balls for Distance

Everywhere you look in golf advertising, the focus is on distance. “Hit the ball 10 yards further” or “maximize power with this club”. The truth is that golf balls have come a long way since the days of Arnold Palmer and Jack Nichlaus.

best golf balls for distance

These days it’s not really the clubs that are producing true distance, due to stronger lofts. It’s the ball that’s really cranking out the yardage for the weekend golfer.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the best golf balls for distance on the market today. Each of these balls will help you (they’re designed for distance) get more yardage on your drives  and every stroke for that matter.

Let’s get started with our list of the best golf balls for distance below.


Taylor Made Distance Plus Golf Balls

For the short-hitting high handicapper who wants to clear that lake off the 10th tee, Taylor Made’s Distance Plus series is an excellent non-nonsense choice.

Distance Plus balls are 2-piece (meaning they have a solid core) and offer a very low compression. That means junior and women players don’t have to swing very hard to crack a decent drive. Be warned, though – you may lose spin and precision in exchange for the distance.

Golfing on a budget? A 12-pack of Distance Plus balls will cost you less than $15. So go ahead and dare that lake – a few splashes won’t tax your wallet.

Callaway Superhot 55 Long Distance Golf Balls

For players seeking a low compression, you can’t do much better than a pack of Superhot 55’s, named for their super-bouncy 55 compression rate.

The Superhot series features the economical Calloway insignia for a classic look on fairway and green. But its best assets are increased distance and forgiveness for youngsters and other golfers with slow swing speeds.

They’re a great deal on Amazon right now.

Bandit Maximum Distance

This distance ball from Bandit Golf comes packaged in a clever, eye-catching Old West-style sleeve. What’s more, the marketing campaign implies that the balls might be illegally long!

But don’t mistake this product for some super-juiced, R&A-banned trick golf ball. Bandit Maximum Distance is a fairly standard 2-piece with a good old Lithium alloy cover.

Some players report that Bandit balls are no longer off the tee than any other distance ball. Others claim that not only are they longer off the tee, but with irons as well. You will just have to try for yourself – but don’t worry, the cops won’t be watching.

Bridgestone 2015 Lady Precept

Bridgestone has long tried to distinguish itself as offering the longest ball-flights of any major brand, with mixed results. However, this specialty ball for light-hitting women might just be the ticket for ladies and juniors looking to reach more greens-in-regulation.

Reviews are grand, with golfers reporting fine distance and a great feel on the greens. Like most distance-oriented balls the Lady Precept is a 2-piece model, but offers softness and touch similar to a liquid core. Also, at just 20$ a dozen the price can’t be beat.

Volvik Crystal 3-Piece

Volvik Crystal balls are marketed as “explosive” off the tee, but that isn’t an uncommon claim. What is uncommon is the balance this ball strikes between distance, feel and spin.

With a harder cover, the slow-swinging high handicap player will still experience a “bounce” off the tee, yet the feel is closer to that preferred by power hitters who look for control with their distance.

Some reviewers have noted a 10% increase in distance which makes the pricey Crystal line well worth the investment. But low-handicappers may experience frustration with the straight-ahead ball flight. These balls are well-suited for simple power hitters, but finesse players may want to look at a more traditional wound model.