The Best Golf Balls for Beginners

If you’re new to the game of golf, you’re probably struggling with hitting the ball solidly every time, keeping your swing consistent and getting good distance from your drives.

While practicing your swing will definitely help, your golf ball can also help you keep those drives straighter and out of the woods.

the best golf balls for beginners

There are some golf balls that are specifically designed to reduce spin (the thing that’s making your ball slice) and keep your ball going straighter rather than tailing off into a water hazard.

Our experts researched many golf balls and found the best golf balls for beginners at the end of the day. Let’s jump right into our top picks for the best beginner golf balls below.

1. Nike Golf Vapor Black 2.0 Golf Balls

If your swing isn’t quite up to par yet, the fastest way to improve your game is with the right ball. These golf balls from Nike are designed for low spin and long range, increasing the distance of your drive while cutting down on the the in-flight action.

This means they fly straighter, even without a perfect swing. The soft compound inside and the shallow dimples outside combine to both reduce spin on the ball, and keep the slight spin from impacting the flight, providing straighter, truer drives and softer chip shots. The lack of spin might be troublesome for sticking to short greens, but overall, for the beginner, it’s hard to find a better ball to take on the course with you.

2. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Just like the Nike balls above, these super-soft balls from Callaway deliver outstanding action performance. Callaway calls these the softest golf balls on the market. Spin is dropped to near nothing for long, straight drives. They will fight against backspin while chipping, to the point of being annoying, but will keep you from slicing into the woods or water on every other hole.

Several colors are available, in case you want something a little easier to see than plain white, and you can trust that since these are from a top manufacturer, the extra price is worth the value you get, especially since you will be losing them less often.

3. 100 Ball Mesh Bag Hit Away Practice Used Golf Balls

One way of solving the problem of being a newer player who is going to lose a ball here or there to a water hazard or a wooded area is to simply start with a bunch of balls. This bag of practice balls is well priced, to reduce some of the upfront costs of getting into the game. Golf is expensive enough for a beginner, purchasing a bag, clubs, tees, etc. There’s no reason to break the bank by paying an exorbitant amount of money for expensive balls, only to lose them in the woods.

While these aren’t designed for low spin or making the game any easier, they will free your mind from thinking about money while you are slapping that first tee shot, and the less distraction on your mind, the better, so you can focus on your swing instead of the cost of golf balls. The price is right and a bag of 100 golf balls should last you a while.

4. Chromax M1x Highly-Visible 75-Compression Golf Balls

These highly reflective, high compression golf balls are great for beginners. The high compression rating of 75 means that at a slower, more controlled swing speed, the ball will spend more time against the club face, which means more energy transferred, for longer drives.

The shell on the ball is very durable, and it has to be to hold up with the compression rating. So these balls will last longer before they need to be replaced. The shell is impregnated with reflective bits of metallic flake which, combined with the bright coloring, makes it easy to find your ball, even if it heads for the weeds.

These aren’t as forgiving as the others on this list, as they are dimpled to optimize flight, but at least you will have an easier time identifying your hooks and slices in case you need to adjust your swing while on the course. And it will be easier for more experienced players to give you advice. The price isn’t too bad either at under $30.