Review: The Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Golf Cart Bag

The Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag is a golfer’s dream. The bag has a variety of pockets for just about anything a golfer would want to carry: clubs, putters, as well other valuables. It features 1 deep ball pocket, an insulated pocket for your beverages, 2 full-length side pockets and as you might have guessed, 14 full-length dividers complete with secure-locking zipper mechanisms to keep your items from falling off.

prosimmon tour golf cart bag review

There is also an external putter tube for those who prefer to keep their putters separate as well as a Velcro glove handler, an external strap for your umbrellas and a ring for your golf towels.

Not every golfer likes to get around the course in a cart. Some prefer the therapeutic walk through the wooded greens of the golf course increasing the exercise potential a round of golf can offer. For such people, having the perfect golf bag is more than just an essential commodity. This is something that Prosimmon understands and has tailored their 14 way golf cart bag towards this particular golfing audience.

The perfect golf bag is one that allows you to carry all the necessary golfing hardware like your clubs, scorecard, and water bottle. It also has to be lightweight and easy to carry for your walk across the course. Such a bag must also offer protection for your items as you wouldn’t want your clubs to smash against each other while walking as this can cause serious damage. It is common for most golf bags these days to be insulated so as to keep your beverages hot or cold throughout your stay on the course.

While it is true that a golf bag will not exactly improve the quality of your game, it will in no small measure improve your comfort on the golf course. Having all of your essentials safely stowed away in an easy to carry bag certainly does help to make a round of golf far more exciting and relaxing.

Features We Like On The Prosimmon Golf Cart Bag

Here are some of the features we found really useful on the Prosimmon 14 way golf cart bag:

Multiple zipper pockets with secure locking mechanism

There are numerous zipper pockets on this bag where you can store anything from Velcro gloves to a beverage or two. The zippers have a secure locking mechanism that keeps your valuables from falling while you are on the course.

External putter tube

Most golfers prefer to store their putter away from their clubs. Most putters have large heads and there is always the danger of the putter causing damage to the other clubs if stored together. The external putter tube on the Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag takes care of this problem entirely. If you use a Superstroke or other fat putter grip, having a separate putter tube is a godsend.

Insulated drinks pocket for beverages

This bag features one completely insulated drinks pocket to keep your favorite beverage at just the right temperature for you to enjoy while on the course.

14 full-length dividers

Organize your clubs with the 14 full-length dividers on this bag that protect them from external damage, keeping them adequately separated from each other.

It’s relatively lightweight for a cart bag

The Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag weighs 5.3 Lbs. That’s not bad at all for a full-blown golf cart bag.

Should You Buy The Prosimmon Tour Golf Cart Bag?

When you think about the ample storage space as well as the sheer number of pockets on this golf bag, it surely is a winner. The 14 full-length dividers mean that you can easily organize your clubs and it also provides maximum protection for your valuable golf clubs. The drinks pocket is completely insulated so your beverages remain at the right temperature; hot or cold.

Guys, if you’re coming from a very cheap hand-me-down golf bag or a Walmart golf bag, this one is going to be a life-changer for you out on the golf course. The full-length dividers are so nice – you won’t be forcing your clubs into the bag anymore while your golfing buddies are easily sliding their clubs back into their bags with ease. For this price, buying the Prosimmon is an absolute no-brainer!

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