The Best Waterproof Golf Shoes You Need to Get

There’s nothing worse than cold, wet feet on the golf course. You need a solid pair of golf shoes that are waterproof and can get a good grip on wet grass and in all golfing conditions.

the best waterproof golf shoes

In this post, our experts found some of the best waterproof golf shoes out on the market today. Let’s get started with our top picks below.

Adidas Men’s Pure 360 Gripmore Sport Golf Shoe

Comfortable shoes to keep you walking on a cushion through eighteen holes. They’ll keep your feet dry, while keeping your appearance sharp. Everybody’s feet are a little different, so shoes become a very personal thing, but overall these seem to be a winner for most people.

The heel can be a little hard, and these don’t run quite as narrow as other Adidas products, so you might consider going a size slimmer than you would normally order if you have other shoes of the same brand. There have been complaints about the shipping from this distributor, but the shoes are protected enough. Try a pair on and walk the course in them. Adidas makes quality products that don’t disappoint and these sure won’t disappoint if you need a good pair of waterproof golf shoes.

Adidas Men’s Adipower Boost Golf Shoe

Spikeless, but make to keep your feet firmly in position, even when swinging on wet grass. No spikes means no fuss, and while it can result in faster wear, the Boost shoes should last through several seasons without much fuss.

The design might seem a little odd, and without spikes, walking the cart paths is going to wear the rubber down quick, so it’s best to stick to the fairway when possible. On the upside, you won’t have that annoying clicking sound while walking through the pro shop. These run narrow, like most Adidas shoes, and may take a little while to break in. Wear them around the house before taking them to the course.

Depending on your shoe size, you can get a pair for a really good price on Amazon.

Adidas Men’s adizero Sport II Golf Shoe

The tennis shoe for the golf course. These shoes not only look like sneakers, they are just as comfortable. This is another pair of spikeless golf shoes, but the large studs on the bottom will keep your footing secure and last a long time, without tearing up your living room carpet.

The design isn’t all for looks. There’s extra sole padding to make sure that your feet stay happy all day long. They are light and waterproof, but don’t let the lack of weight fool you into thinking that they are going to keep your feet any cooler. They will, however, make those long walks easier to bear. They’re also easy to bear on your wallet too!

PUMA Men’s Biodrive ¬†Waterproof Golf Shoe

They might look like a low-cut space boot, but boy are they comfortable. Like walking on pillows. These spikeless, waterproof shoes will keep your socks dry on the morning dew, and comfy treading fairway all day long. You might forget there’s a golf cart parked nearby.

The design definitely isn’t for everyone, but from a distance, the red zig-zags disappear, giving them a classic look. The rest of your foursome might find them a bit odd up close. They also tend to run on the small size, so you may want to up your order half a size to ensure you end up with properly fitted footwear.

Adidas Men’s Adipower TR Golf Shoe

If you like the Boost, but you want real spikes, then these are probably the perfect golf shoes for you. The black-on-black design gives them a very respectable appearance. The soles are super comfortable. The spikes stick to fairways and greens like glue. You can customize the traction that you need while getting the performance that you want, and they are comfortable enough that you can lace them up and forget you are wearing them.

This is a very nice pair of shoes, even without the cleats. You might be tempted to unscrew the spikes and wear them everywhere. Where the cloth meets the upper on the shoe is directly in the path of danger if you are the type that likes to slip your cleats on and off instead of unlacing. You might wear out the heal faster than you’d like.

This is definitely one of the best pairs of waterproof golf shoes available, and it’s at a very reasonable price.