The Best Spikeless Golf Shoes

If you’re not a fan of huge plastic or metal spikes on the bottoms of your golf shoes, there are other options out there. Spikeless golf shoes provide ample grip as you’re swinging your clubs while NOT looking like the typical golf shoe.

best spikeless golf shoes

Spikeless golf shoes look great because they look like regular shoes. In fact, you may even want to wear your spikeless golf shoes out on the town rather than on the golf course.

In this post, we found some of the best spikeless golf shoes for the money based on performance, looks and comfort. Let’s get started.

Nike Explorer SL Golf Shoes

These are an affordable and casual style, spikeless golf shoe. Available in five different colors, they are water-resistant and integrated with traction elements that help keep you grounded whether at the tee box or in the rough.

Most importantly, they are lightweight and comfortable. The midsole is made of a springy cushion that basically feels like your standing on a cloud. The frame of the shoe in general is strong enough to ensure stability when swinging. They look like a stylish sneaker so they can be worn on and off the course. They run a little narrow, but have sizes ranging from seven to fourteen.

These shoes are a great value for not a lot of money.

FootJoy Contour Casual Golf Shoes

FootJoy has been a trusted golf shoe brand for years. This specific pair can be worn anywhere due to its casual style and full-grain leather look. But don’t let the leather aspect fool you.

They are still waterproof and completely breathable so your feet get some air flow, which is important especially if you’re walking the course. The frame of the shoe contours to your foot for extra comfort.

The outersole is rubber so it’s built to last. The bottom has enhanced turf-gripping technology to make sure you remain stable during your back swing and follow through.

For under $100, these FootJoys are a good deal.

Adidas Adipower Sport Boost 2 Golf Shoes

The most talked about aspect of this pair of golf shoe is its comfort. They are incredibly lightweight and stretchable. Your foot has room to breath and the shoe has the framework to form around your foot comfortably. Its synthetic uppersole is bonded for added performance and protection.

To add a little extra flare, it is climate proof. They are durable in wet or muddy areas and have a super grip quality to the bottoms that allows perfect grip to the fairway. They include a 90-day waterproof and 90-day comfort guarantee warranty.

The warranty makes this pair worth trying. If you try it on at the store they might be perfect, but once you walk around for four hours during a round of golf, they may not be as comfortable as expected. Just return them before the 90 day warranty is up and you’re set to try a different pair.

ECCO Mens Biom Hybrid 2 Spikeless Golf Shoes

Coming in six different colors, these genuine Yak leather golf shoes are incredibly durable and come in fourteen different sizes ranging from 7 – 13.

Due to natural motion technology, the support your foot gets is perfect if you plan to walk the course. With extra padding, they are comfortable straight out of the box. The genuine yak leather on the upper part of the shoe is soft. The light, thin midsole is perfect for traction on any sort of turf, whether it be on the putting green or the rough. The midsole has a very flexible arch for increased comfort. Another aspect of this shoe that makes it stand out from the others is its stain-resistant technology.

You no longer need to worry about grass stains, if that sort of thing bothers you in the first place. The shoes come with a two-year waterproof warranty, which is longer lasting than it’s competitor’s warranties. The most raved about aspect of this shoe is specifically their comfort straight out of the box.

The price is also right on Amazon right now.

Puma Men’s Biofusion Spikeless Golf Shoes

This is the golf shoe that Rickie Fowler wears. It comes in six different colors and is incredibly lightweight. The grippy, carbon rubber outsole makes it grip perfectly to the green. The foam heel cushions help keep your foot sturdy inside, with no slip out happening. There are flex grooves in the forefoot for more flexibility during swing and enhanced ground contact. They are waterproof and engineered to ensure airflow and flexibility.

If you’re a Puma shoe fan, these are the ticket for golfers.