The 3 Best Indoor Putting Greens

Want to get better at putting? No one has the time to go to the course and practice putting everyday, but almost everyone could fit in a few minutes of putting when you have your own indoor putting green.

the best indoor putting green

You should look for a couple of things in your indoor golf putting green:

  • Durability – make sure your indoor putting green is going to stand up to some usage. Avoid cheap putting greens like the plague and go for a good quality model that will always roll true.
  • Hole Layout and Putting Surface – you need an indoor putting green that will roll true and fast. Also keep in mind what you’d like in terms of hole layout on the green itself.
  • Price – you don’t have to go broke buying an indoor putting green that will actually help you improve your putting stroke. There are lots of affordable options.

In this post we did the research and found 3 of the best indoor golf putting greens that surely will improve your putting stroke big time.

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Putting Mat

This indoor putting green isn’t like most putting greens you can purchase. It has a ball return and a slope for added difficulty. It is nine feet in length with a width of 16.25 inches. For added help in your practice, there are alignment markers to help with consistency in your putts. The alignments guides are marked at three feet, five feet, and seven feet from the cup.

The material they use simulates real green conditions, so you get about the same green speed as you would on the actual course. The ball return is a nicely added feature that allows for an uninterrupted practice. Although, if you are a lefty, the ball return is on the side that you stand on, which won’t disrupt you, but might annoy you. The slope is at the perfect incline for practicing speed and momentum. However, you cannot adjust the slope for you green to lay completely flat. This is the only downside to the product. The slope gives it a miniature golfing feel, but will still help in your practice if you can bare it.

The new version of this putting mat is thinner so the green isn’t damaged or creased during shipping. This is a recent fix due to their older, thicker model being ruined almost every time it was shipped.

This one is of very good quality and for a good price too.

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

This putting green is a little more complex than your average putting green. It has three cups for you to practice hitting into. It measures nine feet by three feet, which is the typical length of any putting green you come across. The foam putting green is similar to an actual green, according to a majority of its consumers. And the kidney-shaped green itself makes for a little added difficulty. Behind each cup is a built-in bunker that you can view as either a good or bad thing. They are good because they catch the balls that overshoot the cups. They are bad because, well, they resemble bunkers.

No consumer has had issues with the packages and shipping, but most say not to roll it up too tight because it may cause folds. This is what to expect of most putting greens. The thicker, foam core of this particular putting green helps with the stability and overall quality when putting. The surface is made of materials that almost guarantee a lifelong smooth surface.

For under $50 on Amazon, you’re getting a great little indoor putting green.

Tour Links 4×10 Putting Green

This is a perfect option if you’re willing to spend a little more money. This is a super professionally made, compact model for indoor or outdoor use. It’s heavy duty, weighing 102 pounds and shipped in three separate boxes via UPS. However, it’s easy to assemble by yourself. It takes no more than fifteen minutes and can be easily moved from place to place if needed. The turf is 100% Polypropylene, which is the perfect material to make sure your putts are club-speed with no accidental bumps or folds in the material to mess up your shot. There are two holes and two pins.

The absolute best thing about this model is the contour pads that it comes with. These contour pads mimic actual slopes and hills on a putting green. You simply place them literally anywhere you’d like on the green to help with your practice. The added difficulty helps with the monotony of a straight, flat putting green, allowing you to work on your aim and tentative strokes.

Tour Links makes a wide variety of putting greens for indoor and outdoor use. They may be pricier than what is in your budget, but they last a lifetime and are much higher quality than the other putting greens out there. The contour pads are definitely the selling point for most consumers.