The Best Golf Training Aids – Our Top Picks

While some may consider many golf training aids as gimmicks, the fact remains that some of these useful tools have improved the golf game of many a weekend hacker.

best golf training aid

In this post, we go over some of the best golf training aids available that are almost guaranteed to improve your game.

Let’s get started!

EyeLine Golf Classic Putting Mirror

To top our list of training aids, we have to go with the ultimate tool that helps us in the part of the game that is most important to scoring; putting.

Everyone has heard of the countless hours that the pros put into their putting and short game, but we never hear about specifics.

This training aid is something that almost every tour pro has in their arsenal of tools because it is simple, effective, and it works. This mirror is used to show you where your eyes are in relation to the ball at address, as well as during the stroke itself.

The lines on the mirror help to guide the putter back on the proper path and can also act as a guide for how far to take the putter back. As one man put it in his review, “The feedback is immediate and very beneficial.” There aren’t many products that have immediate feedback.

As one of the best golf training aids ever made, this one is a steal for under $50.

Golfnsticks Golf Alignment Sticks

When you look down the range at a competitive event, almost one thing in everyone’s bag is identical, and that is the use of alignment sticks. The versatility of these sticks is almost incalculable because they can go from alignment to guides to targets.

This is one tool that everyone, and I mean everyone, should have in their bag. One great thing about these sticks is that you do not have to take them out of your bag during competition, unlike practice clubs or other training aids.

One man says in his review, “they fit in your bag and you can choose and mix any colors you want.” So no matter what color scheme you have going on in your bag, these will look great and improve your game at the same time.

Alignment sticks are  golf training aids that are cheap and very simple to use. Not to mention that they really help.

Callaway Basic Training Bundle

Connection in your golf swing is essential to being a consistent ball striker. When I say connection, I mean the connection between your arms and body. When they get out of sync, the ball can go everywhere.

That’s where Callaway jumps in to keep you connected. With two different connection tools, there is no way that you can become disconnected after working with these.

The arm wrap is perfect for the half swing drill to keep your arms tucked into your sides, and the extender is great for working on your putting, as it keeps your motion in a perfect pendulum motion. One man said that it is perfect for beginners, but I would say it is perfect for any golfer looking for more consistency.

The Callaway basic training bundle is also very affordable on Amazon and worth every cent.

Vktech Golf Swing Training Grip

Being a long time golfer, you feel that the one thing that you always have down is the grip. That was the first thing you learned when you began playing and so obviously it would be the easiest. Right?

Well wrong because after 10 years of competitive golf at both the junior and collegiate level, I learned that I had begun gripping my club wrong. That was an eye opener, and the way I fixed it was through this simple and effective tool that I put on an old club and added to my bag as my 15th club for when I would practice.

A good golf swing training grip is an essential piece of equipment for every golf, since we all know (at least most of us) that a good grip makes for a good swing.