The Best Push Carts for Golf

For any golfer that prefers to walk instead of ride during a round, push carts are a life-saver. They take the pressure off of your back and let you exercise on the golf course while towing your golf bag behind you.

best golf push cart

For those of you looking for a new golf push cart, you’re in luck. There are a ton of different push carts available on the market today and our experts have found the best push carts below.

Clicgear 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

This is the ultimate push cart that has the accolades and sponsorships to back it up. The AJGA is one of their main promoters of the cart and for good reason. The competitive junior golf circuit is constant and consists of a lot of time in a car with multiple people traveling together. This means that space is limited and the lack of downtime in between each tournament requires a cart that is reliable.

This is all of those things, with a storage size smaller than any other pushcart and one of the most reliable designs on the market. Clicgear was the first on the market to incorporate the foam wheels that do not need air, making the wheels very reliable and flat tires no more.

The great customer service that they offer will also bring peace of mind to any problem that may arise. A reviewer stated it perfectly when they said, “The easiest way to describe the Clicgear 3.5+ to colleagues and golf buddies is that it folds down into the size of a small suitcase but expands into this ginormous monstrosity of a cart.”

This is by far the best push cart on the market and will last you years and years of continued use. It’s also available at a very low price right now.

Caddytek Super Deluxe Quad Fold Golf Cart

The Caddytek push cart offers a similar design to the above model, but folds down in an extra step. The reliable design means that you won’t have to worry about small parts breaking or falling off, because there aren’t any.

The tires are made of a foam material that is very durable and almost never wear out, but what make them even better than conventional tires is that they do not require any air. You will never again show up to the golf course and realize that you have a flat tire and have to carry your bag for the day, and at a fraction of the price from its competitors, this push cart rolls its way into our top push carts.

One reviewer said, “It was a whole lot cheaper than my other choices….A must for walkers!”

Sun Mountain V1 Sport Speed Push Cart

Sun Mountain has been known to make some very reliable and functional golf bags, but little known is their wide variety of push carts.

This model is one of their best, with the airless tires and easy strap system to keep your bag on tight. This model doesn’t fold up into the super small, suitcase like size, but it is not large by any means. If there was a perk of having this pushcart, it would be the net holder that is right in front of where you put your hands. This netting holds just about anything and everything you can think of bringing with you to the golf course.

My good friend has the older model of this and he loves it, but as Mr. Johnson says in his review, “I had the old model and this one is better as it has better folding latches, better brake and improved colors.”

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