The Best Golf GPS Rangefinders Reviewed

If you like the convenience of having a constant GPS signal to find the range of your golf shots, this article is for you.

We took a look at some of the best golf GPS rangefinders on the market today from golf GPS watches to other GPS rangefinders to help you measure up your shots.

best gps rangefinder for golf

Lets get started with the best GPS rangefinders that our experts found below.

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

Going from a true laser rangefinder to a GPS product, the only one I could choose from was this one.

The TomTom is a GPS that I have had a great experience with and I know you will too. The easy to use read out and design makes it one of the easiest ways to get a yardage without having a professional caddy at your side.

It reads the distances to the front, pin, and back of the green, how far your past shot was, and keeps track of how many shots you hit without having to input any information about the shot.

The reviews speak highly of it as well. As one man put it, “In the last 8 rounds I do not think it has missed a single stroke.”

Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS Rangefinder

Already know your favorite course like the back of your hand, but need a simple rangefinder for moving tees or angles out of the rough?

The Neo Ghost is not a sighted scope, but offers quick and accurate distance with all the trimmings at a low cost under $100. If you travel but don’t feel like investing in a fancy telescope, the item also comes with 30,000 pre-loaded courses and if your club’s layout isn’t one of them, 4 new courses can be auto-memorized.

Also, pre-set layup settings will help you stay in front of that hazard you don’t dare to challenge with a tee shot.

This is an outstanding golf GPS rangefinder at a great price right now on Amazon.

Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch

For fancy gadget-lovers the Neo Ion Watch, also by Bushnell, is an interesting purchase. A digital watch that tells time also includes 35,000 pre-loaded courses with distance accuracy down to the yard. Priced at just under $150, the watch comes with a long battery life and a step-counter for those on the links for exercise as well as recreation.

Cons? The strap is not too sturdy on all wrists, and for golfers stepping out of the office to play a quick 9 holes, golf mode and time-telling mode are not simultaneous.

The Neo Ion is legal for tournament play.

Golf Buddy Tour GPS Rangefinder

Don’t want to use a sight-scope, but still want the best premium rangefinder money can buy? You can definitely do worse than the Tour GPS model by Golf Buddy.

The model features an on-screen illustration of your target as detailed and accurate as many retro golf video games. Another plus is the score-logging feature that will remember up to 1000 rounds, making it easier to maintain your handicap without any paperwork.

The price is not nice at over $400, but other bells and whistles include a running auto-distance calculator, a belt clip and a 12-hour battery.