The Best Golf Gloves to Fit Your Game

Lots of golf instructors and professionals always say that a solid golf swing starts at the grip. We most certainly agree with that statement and we’ll take it one step further – if you’re hands aren’t comfortable, then your swing won’t be either. That’s were a good set of golf gloves comes in.

One of the best things you can do for your golf swing is to change your glove regularly. So what’s “regularly” supposed to mean anyways? Well, we recommend that you change your golf glove about every 30 rounds or if you get a tear. This forum post also discusses the topic if you’re interested. Either way, you shouldn’t be playing golf with a raggedy old golf glove anymore.

best golf gloves

In this post, our experts tested and reviewed several of the best golf gloves on the market right now. Let’s jump right into our golf glove reviews below.

Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol Golf Glove

All leather construction for a durable glove that will last a long time without losing your ability to hold the club securely. This glove from Callaway provides breathability in a very normal fashion, through perforations in the skin of the glove, which allows air to flow freely to your fingertips, reducing moisture. The soft feel of leather is a comfort, and the cotton terry cuff helps in this regard as well. It fits securely, and the material is thin enough to allow optimum feeling.

These gloves run small, and while leather will eventually adjust and stretch, you may want to go a size larger than other gloves, to ensure a proper fit. The material is strong and the stitching works well enough to keep this glove in your bag for dozens of rounds of golf without it falling apart. It’s a durable glove that comes with a good price.

FootJoy Golf- MLH WeatherSof Golf Gloves (2 Pack)

Available in either right or left handed configurations, these leather gloves from FootJoy offer a very stretchy wrist with Velcro closure for a very secure fit. Cabretta leather along the thumb and palm pad make these high-wear areas extra strong and long lasting, while increasing the grip performance. The rest of the construction seems to by a synthetic leather product. Holes are punched in the fingers so the gloves will breathe.

Sizing is excellent, so there’s no need to guess about your glove size. They run normal. Customers praise these gloves for their ability to hold up in a washing machine, even though it isn’t a recommended way of cleaning leather. They are soft, durable, and long lasting. Don’t buy them at the golf store either. Amazon almost always has a really good deal on a 2-pack of these golf gloves.

Nike Dura Feel VIII All Weather Mens Golf Gloves

Perforated synthetic leather over a stretchy amalgamation of polyurethane and nylon makes for a very comfortable fit. A black swoosh adorns the tab closure, and genuine goat leather on the palm and thumb make for a fantastic grip, while the thin material between your fingers and the club will provide superb feedback and feel.

The gloves run small,so if you have large hands, then you might have trouble fitting into even the XXL size. For the look, these gloves are incredibly durable, and will hold up to dozens of trips to both the course and the driving range. If that all sounds good to you, you need to get a pair to try out for yourself.

TaylorMade Mens Stratus Sport Golf Glove

Premium leather mixed with stretch Lycra panels make for a custom fit while providing excellent breathability, moisture wicking, and a solid grip on your driver. Visually striking for a plain white golf glove, the tab is decorated with a black and white logo. The material stretches very easily over the knuckles and fingers, forming directly to your hand and holding your club like sticky tac.

For maximum comfort, the Stratus Sport fits like a glove.

Zero Friction Men’s Compression-Fit Synthetic Golf Glove

Tired of getting the wrong size glove? Perhaps you want to add a little bit of color to your golfing attire? This Zero Friction glove fills both of those needs well. A truly one size fits all solution to add a splash of color to your swing. Get the perfect color to match your bag or your favorite brightly colored balls.

The all weather synthetic is durable, while the Lycra undercoat is breathable and moisture wicking, and it will stretch to fit your hand just fine. Durability, touch, and comfort. All in all, this is a glove that truly a one size fits all solution.

If you must have leather, then this isn’t your glove, but the synthetic product is definitely durable, perhaps more durable than the real thing. A tee holder on the back of the glove will work for some, while others will want to cut it off. On the colors, if you are a traditional person, they do have an offering in black and white, so that shouldn’t be an immediate turn-off.