The 5 Best Golf Gifts Every Golfer Needs

Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas present or maybe just a small gift to say “thanks” to a golfer in your life, we found the best golf gifts for any golfer.

best golf gifts

Our experts searched high and low to find the golf-related gifts that golfers would want and reviewed them for you below. Enjoy!

JP Lann Golf Cigar Holder Clip for Golfers

If the golfer in your family enjoys a good cigar, and what golfer doesn’t, this clip will keep them from laying it down on damp grass at the tee box. The JP Lann Cigar Holder clips right to the golf bag, or any stray piece of thin plastic in the cart. Holds any size cigar securely. Even if it isn’t clipped to anything, it will keep a burning smoke stick off the green or cart path while putting, simply by laying it down.

Constructed from durable polymer for long life, this is a gift any smoker can use on the course, and it’s cheap, making it a perfect gift for that in-law who spends their free time at the golf course. Another plus? It’s pretty cheap on Amazon right now.

White 15 Oz Golf Ball Coffee Mug

A hand-painted ceramic coffee cup, dimpled like a golf-ball. This is a standard sized coffee cup that is neither overstated, nor understated. A perfect way for any golfer to show off their love of the game without being overly gaudy. Comes in a handy gift-box for easy wrapping, and is of very high quality. It’s not machine washable, so they will need to clean and rinse it in the sink. Super-cute gift idea to accompany a box of Tilteists or as its own gift or stocking stuffer. Perfect for any golfer that loves their morning coffee as much as they love the game.

No golfer, I repeat, NO GOLFER would be disappointed in this creative and awesome golf gift.

Why You Suck at Golf: 50 Most Common Mistakes by Recreational Golfers (Book)

This book works on two levels. It makes a nice gag when they see the title, but it’s also useful for any golfer who wants to improve their game by removing errors in their swing, without going to see the local pro. Sure to entertain them for that special day so you can keep them home instead of missing them while they are out at the course hacking it up.

The author is a syndicated golf columnist, and his words connect powerfully with golfers, allowing straightforward instruction for anyone, so they can reduce their swing count and up their game.

Emoji Universe: 2-Ply Professional Practice Golf Balls

For the golfer that loves putting divots in their own backyard instead of going to the range, these lightweight practice balls are great for working on your swing, and perfect as a gift. The set includes two of each design, including a kissy face, tears of joy, heart eyes, tongue, money eyes, and sunglasses.

They might be even more perfect for someone who doesn’t enjoy texting, as they can take their aggression out on the emojis the rest of us love so much. So whether that golfer in your family loves smileys or not, these are a great gift to practice their swing. Just don’t let the cat get a hold of them.

Victorinox Swiss Army Golf Tool

These days, every golfing-related item you purchase seems to come with a divot puller and a coin, which get tossed. This is a tool that not only works on the golf course, but will be carried everywhere. The original Swiss Army knife, re-purposed as a golf tool.

Comes with retractable aluminum separators for repairing divots, stainless steel blades, groove cleaner and tee punch, Victorinox coin, bottle opener, nail file, blade, tweezers, scissors, and a toothpick. Comes with a lifetime warranty. Perfect in either a golf bag or an emergency kit. This is one gift that won’t be soon forgotten, and will get carried everywhere, not just on the course.