The Best Golf Cart Cigar Holders

If you’re like me, you’ve gotta have a good cigar or two during the course of an 18 hole round of golf. It’s basically become a ritual between me and my golfing buddies. One problem that we used to have is putting our lit cigars somewhere on the cart when hitting a shot. That was until we got ourselves some golf cart cigar holders.

best golf cart cigar holder

Rather than putting your cigar on the ground while you hit (or hit with the cigar in your mouth if you’re brave), you can simply clip it into a cigar holder on the frame of your golf cart. Assuming you’re not walking the course (see our article on lightweight Sunday golf bags here), you’ve gotta put your stogie down somewhere.

In this post, we’re going to go over our top picks for the best golf cart cigar holders on the market. We looked at everything from durability to price to help you find the best cigar holder.

So let’s get right into our list of the best golf cart cigar holders below:

Cigar Minder Clip

Pick your color: yellow, green, orange, or black. This cigar clip will hold stogies up to 54 points in diameter. All you have to do is clip it on to either the cart or your bag, and you have the perfect caddy for your cigar.

So simple, maybe that’s why more than half a million of them have been sold. Like many clips, it is essential an over-sized clothespin with a second, round shaped, clothespin on one side. Once you have it snapped into place, you flick the cigar holder open, drop the smoke stick inside, and let the clamp bite down on it.

The base is wide enough that you can actually set it on the tee box while you are taking your turn, and it will hold your stick about an inch off the grass. A great product at a very low price on Amazon right now.

JP Lann Golf Cigar Holder Clip

Very simple design, this one has a flexible bite to grab your cigar, so in theory you can pinch just about any size of cigar in its grip. Works as a ground holder, but the base isn’t super wide, so if the tee box or green you place it on is sloped, you will need to do a bit of balancing.

It clips to the cart or bag in much the same way that most pocket knifes clip to your pants. You slip it on. Because of this, the grip isn’t going to be super tight, but it works well enough. You are also a bit limited on placement. The design is as basic as they come, and the price is low as well.

Perfecto Cigar Holder

Instead of a clothespin design, how about a clamp? This cigar holder is meant for heavy duty gripping of the golf cart, and it’s constructed of high strength nylon instead of plastic. It doesn’t pinch your cigar, it holds it neatly in an 80 point tray, large enough for the biggest cigars.

Let’s face it, when things are moving, the cigar should be in your hand or in your mouth, you only need a holder when you get out to take a swing. This tray is perfect for that, and despite the rugged construction, and being made in the USA, the cost is pretty low too. More of a single-cigar ashtray than a holder. Too bad you can’t take it with you to the putting green.

Stage V Clinger Magnetic Cigar Holder

This is a magnetic holder that simply snaps into place. And that isn’t a refrigerator magnet on the bottom. The clamp is made of industrial strength neodymium magnets for a solid grip wherever you put it. The flexible tongs on the other end grab your stogy securely, hanging on to it for you while you line up that tee shot or sink your put.

The whole thing is constructed of spring steel, so you can be sure that it’s rugged and won’t eventually bend out of place. The magnets are reinforced with a Velcro strap, to ensure that once you place it on the cart, it won’t be going anywhere. Just don’t forget it when you pack up.

Grip Clip Cigar Holder

Sort of an interesting design. The frame is constructed of solid wood with a mahogany stain. The wood itself is likely something inexpensive, like pine, but for the job it’s designed to do, it works well enough. At first glance, it might look a little tricky, until you realize that the clip is 3 separate pieces of wood, and those big o-ring style rubber bands hold everything together.

Because of the design, it can grab hold of those big cart struts and any size cigar. It can be a little tight on some stogies, so be careful with it, or you may damage the wrap. For the money, this one  is a very nice golf cart cigar holder.