The Best Golf Ball Retrievers

Besides being your telescopic best friend and golf buddy, a good golf ball retriever can save you a lot of money especially when you’ve spent a lot on golf balls.

best golf ball retriever

The best golf ball retrievers share a few things in common:

  • They’re dependable and built to last
  • They operate smoothly time and time again
  • They make getting golf balls out of the mud and water a breeze
  • They fit well in your golf bag
  • There’s a balance between high-quality and value in the price

So our experts evaluated many golf ball retrievers and came up with our top picks for the best golf ball retrievers below. Enjoy!

Callaway Telescopic Golf Ball Retrievers

The club cover will match your Callaway clubs perfectly in the bag, unless you don’t have Callaway clubs, of course. This ball retriever is 45 inches retracted and extends to fifteen feet. The perfect length for getting your ball from those wetland hazards.

It weighs in on the heavy side, a trade-off for the overly rugged construction to keep it from bending under the pressure of tense situations, but you don’t want to go bashing it around. Let the weight of the pole do the work or you will find yourself retrieving your retrieving head.

It’s a very sturdy golf ball retriever at a very reasonable price.

I Gotcha Golf Ball Retriever

Retracts to a very cute looking 20 inches, and extends all the way out to 14 feet. At first glance, it seems that so much stretch is bound to cause problems, like a bent tube. But not to worry, the lightweight tube doesn’t have to bend, as I Gotcha has a unique catch method similar to a mouse trap.

The ball triggers the cage when you push down, and it snaps into action, trapping your ball so you can pull it free from shallow water or tall bog grasses. No need to get your feet wet, and it’s small enough to fit in the side-pocket of your bag, assuming that it isn’t filled with a bunch of equipment already. For the money, it’s definitely one of our top picks.

JP Lann 15′ Foot Golf Ball Retriever

This 15 footer retracts to 42 inches, which means you’ll be carrying it in the club section of your bag. It doesn’t come with a cap, like the Callaway model, but overall, this is a very nice ball retriever.

It doesn’t feel cheaply made, and features a twist design to close the retriever. Put the orange ring over the ball, give a twist of the handle, and get your ball back. No need to go wandering into a snake den. The clever design is pretty rugged. If you ever do have a problem with it, the ball retriever comes with a one-year warranty. You can call the company and get another one.

JP Lann makes a great golf ball retriever and it’s definitely worth the money.

Search and Rescue Golf Ball Retriever

It’s a ball retriever. No kidding. The head on this one is interesting. It feels like something made for the worst bogs, or pulling your ball free from quicksand. Super sturdy, and super handy.nb

16 feet long fully extended, 46 inches when collapsed. It’s a bit on the heavy side, so using it fully extended can add a miniature workout to your day at the course. It’s simple to use, and comes with a zip-up bag cover for the top. If you are unsure which ball grabber to get, this is the one. No worries, no complaints. Unless you’re scared of the extra weight.

ProActive Hinged Cup Retriever

18 feet fully extended with lightweight aluminum tubing and a hinged cup. This ball retriever will reach a long way without breaking your back. The retriever shrinks to around 48 inches, putting it on par with your favorite driver. The design is the simplest out there, a cup. Not really a whole lot to fiddle with.

You will want to take note of a couple things. The cup screws onto the telescoping tube, and you are mating plastic to aluminum, so you might want to add a couple drops of glue to secure it in place, or simply make certain that you always twist it to the right to keep the screw from backing out. Still, this is a good retriever at a great price. And pockets!