The Best Disc Golf Bags

Looking for a new disc golf bag? We did the research for you and found the best disc golf bags on the market today.

A good disc golf bag will have ample storage for your discs, keep your stuff dry if it’s raining outside and hold up to some punishment. All of this while being affordable. Does that sound good?

best disc golf bag

So let’s get started with our list of the best disc golf bags below.

1. Innova Champion Disc Golf Bag

Now here’s a great disc golf bag for the money. It’ll fit up to 10 discs so that’s enough for a full day on the course.

It’s also got another really good feature and that is the water bottle holder. I can’t tell you how convenient that can be out on the course so that I can have my water bottle or other drink and all of my discs in one place.

The zipper is also very durable and high-quality. That’s usually a common problem with the cheap disc golf bags – the zipper usually quits on you after a few months but this one really seems to be made well.

The shoulder straps are maybe a little thin, but seem very comfortable to me.

Overall, this is a great disc golf bag at a very reasonable price.

2. Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag

So here’s a disc golf bag that’s cheap and works. Holds about 7 discs comfortably and it also has a good water bottle pocket which is really nice. However, it only fits the skinniest of water bottles with little room to spare.

The front elastic pocket can fit a couple of putters in there pretty snugly so that you can fit about 7-8 discs in there pretty well.

For the money, this isn’t a bad disc golf bag by any means.

3. Fade Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag

If you want to hold up to 12 discs and a water bottle and have a bag that’s going to stand up to some punishment, this is the disc golf bag that will get it done.

It’s well made, with a heavy zipper and a nice shoulder strap so that it’s comfortable to carry.

There are also 2 extra zippered pockets so that you can carry more stuff. It also has rubber feet at the bottom to keep your bag off the ground a little bit.

It’s a great bag both for beginners and seasoned golfers. For the money, it’s really a great buy.

4. Dynamic Discs Soldier Disc Golf Bag

Probably the best looking disc golf bag on this list, it’s made to be durable and carry a bunch of discs at once. You can hold 18 discs plus it’s got a really nice putter pocket as well.

This bag also has 2 water bottle holders which is a nice feature for sure so that you don’t have to refill when you’re playing 18 holes.

There’s lots of space in this bag so it’ll hold all of your discs, water bottles plus it has room for your phone and keys too.

It’s built like a tank and it will meet any golfer’s needs so you need to check it out if you want a great bag at an outstanding price.

5. Dynamic Discs Sniper Disc Golf Backpack

Another one by Dynamic Discs, this disc golf backpack is hard to beat for the money.

It can hold 16 discs and the shoulder straps are a godsend for those of you that are graduating from cheaper disc golf bags. Nice padding and quality materials throughout.

If you love disc golf, you’re going to love this backpack. It’s more than just a “weekend” bag and it is definitely made to last a LONG time so you’re definitely not wasting your money.

The best price right now is on Amazon so go ahead and scoop it up!