Best Cheap Golf Balls

 Looking to blast your game into a lower handicap? Learn more in this article about how you can lower your score without breaking the bank with expensive golf balls. Learn more about the best cheap golf balls below.

best cheap golf balls

Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball

The Nitro maximum distance golf balls are an excellent choice for the price. You get four sleeves with three golf balls per sleeve making a total of twelve golf balls per box. These golf balls feature a reactive titanium core which allows the energy transfer from the head of your golf club to be maximized. The golf balls feature an aerodynamic dimple design that increases lift and decreases drag while the ball is moving through the air. The golf balls come in orange, yellow and white. They only cost seven dollars per 12 pack, making them an excellent value. The bright colors that these golf balls come in allow for the user to easily spot their ball as it moves through the air. They are also very easy to locate once they land on the ground. If you’re in the market for a budget golf ball that still performs these could be the golf balls for you.

Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls

These golf balls are a great option and perform just as well as some of the more expensive golf balls on the market. Each package contains 15 golf balls. They feature a titanium core and a cut-proof cover designed to make the golf balls both durable and functional. The bright yellow exterior of these gold golf balls is easy to spot both in the air and on the ground. These golf balls have been around for a long time, and are considered to be the “classic” distance golf ball. People have claimed that when switching to these golf balls, they have added as much as 15 yards to their total distance. When you take the price of these golf balls into account and combine it with the reliability, you really can’t go wrong when purchasing these golf balls.


Callaway Warbird Golf Ball

These golf balls are a bit pricier than the other three mentioned above, but they are still on the lower end of the price scale when compared to other brands. For $16.97 you get twelve golf balls that are designed with performance in mind. These golf balls are aerodynamic in design which reduces drag and promotes increased speed. They feature a “high energy” core that is compressible in order to deliver more potential yardage with each swing. Although these are priced at $16 dollars for twelve golf balls, many feel as though the price is worth it. If you are in the market for a golf ball designed for distance the Callaway warbird golf ball is an excellent choice.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

While more expensive golf balls might have a different flight, you’ll be able to get the best of both worlds with these featured golf balls. In reality, the age of the golf ball can be more important than the type. With these balls, you’re on your way to shooting your lowest round yet.