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The Best Golf Bags

All golf bags aren’t created equal. The market is flooded with many different types of golf bags that are designed and manufactured by various manufacturers. With so many different options to choose from it can be quite a daunting task to pick which golf bag to buy next.

What Are Some Qualities of a Good Golf Bag?

Not to worry, below we will look at the different factors that make a good golf bag. In addition, we will also do an in-depth review of five of the best golf bags that are currently available on the market.


Durability is arguably one of, if not, the most important factors to consider when shopping for a new golf bag. Buying a golf bag is an investment and you definitely want to spend your money wisely. A good durable golf bag doesn’t just offer good value for money, it will also look good after many rounds out on the course in the elements.


Golf bags come in different shapes and sizes. The functionality of a golf bag must be considered if you are doing golf bag shopping. A big staff bag looks impressive, but it definitely lacks functionality, not only is a staff bag expensive, it is also very heavy and difficult to carry.

Stand bags are ideal if you enjoy walking the course and carrying your own bag, stand bags have comfortable straps, they are lightweight and they offer easy access to your clubs. Cart bags offer exceptional functionality to those golfers that prefer riding on a cart. Cart bags feature ample storage options and they are renowned for their club organization systems.

It is vital to look at all of the different golf bags and what they offer in terms of functionality before you make a final decision on which golf bag to buy.


The size of a golf bag matters for a variety of different reasons. A big bag isn’t necessarily a good bag. Big staff bags are strong and durable, but they are also bulky, heavy and pricey. Professional golfers prefer big staff bags due to the fact that they offer ample storage and space to sell to sponsors.

Small Sunday bags are lightweight and very easy to carry, but they aren’t always waterproof and the absence of a stand can make it difficult to gain access to you clubs.

A good golf bag is a golf bag that fits your needs in terms of size.


When it is all said and done, price always plays a role in our purchase decisions. The cheapest or the most expensive bag isn’t always the best golf bag, the best golf bag is one that meets your needs at an affordable price tag that offers good value for money.

Golf Bag Reviews – The Best Golf Bags on the Market

Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag

Titleist has been and continues to be an industry leading brand in the golf business. They are known for being the #1 ball in glove, but the rest of their product range is equally impressive. One of their latest releases, the Players 4 stand bag, is an exceptional golf bag that will be a welcome addition for any golfer that enjoys walking and carrying their bag.

The Player 4 features a high-quality design with a durable aluminium stand. The hinged bottom of the stand on the Player 4 ensures exceptional stability as well as durability. The self balancing convertible strap system with dual density foam featured in the design of the Players 4 bag ensures maximum comfort when carrying your bag. The Players 4 isn’t a very big bag, but it does offer ample storage including dedicated water bottle and rangefinder pockets.

With 9 different color options to choose from finding a bag to match your style won’t be a problem at all. This lightweight bag with a full lenght 4-way divider system weighs just 3.8 lbs. The Players 4 stand bag with its reasonable price tag is definitely worthy of sporting the famous Titleist logo.

Callaway Hyper-Lite 3 Stand Bag

Callaway’s Rogue and Epic ranges have dominated the market over the last few years, but they have also released other products that are equally impressive. Their Hyper-Lite 3 stand bag is arguably one of the best stand bags that money can buy.

The Hyper-Lite 3 is an innovative full-size lightweight stand bag that offers a variety of storage options including a full-size apparel pocket, individual cell phone sleeve, water resistant valuables pouch and an insulated beverage pocket. The innovative Hyper-Lite3 features a hidden rain hood pocket that is hidden behind the hip pad, not only does it ensure maximum comfort it also frees up space in the apparel pocket.

The padded X-Act fit strap system of the Hyper-Lite 3 is self balancing, this makes it extremely easy to carry. The 4-way dividing system of the Hyper-Lite 3 also includes a separate alignment stick sleeve.

The Hyper-Lite 3 is available in 5 different color options, and its reasonable price tag makes it a great value for money golf bag.

Cobra Ultralight Cart Bag

The Cobra Ultralight cart bag can be described as a mix between a big cart bag and a lightweight stand bag. The Ultralight features a lightweight design similar to that of a stand bag which makes it easy to carry around or to load in and out of your car. The top and pocket design of the Ultralight gives it that traditional cart bag look.

Storage is definitely not an issue with the Ultralight, it features 2 oversized apparel pockets, a fleece lined valuables pocket and a fleece lined pocket for your rangefinder. But that’s not all, it also features an insulated cooler pocket that can hold up to ten 12 oz cans. This pocket will definitely appeal to the recreational golfer.

Organizing your clubs is easy with the help of a 14-way club organization top. Each club has its own slot which ensures that you will always find your club of choice with ease. The Cobra Ultralight is available in 7 different color options and its affordable price tag makes this golf bag even more appealing than what it already is.

Sun Mountain H2NO Superlite Cart Bag

Sun Mountain design and manufacture some of the best golf bags that money can buy. Their H2NO Superlite cart bag is a top of the range waterproof cart bag and it will be a great addition if you play majority of your golf in wet conditions.

The H2NO is one of the lightest cart bags on the market, this bag weighs in at less than five pounds which makes it very comfortable to carry around if need be. It also features a E-Z Fit Dual Strap system, this strap can be adjusted with ease and it is cushioned to ensure maximum comfort when carrying.

The H2NO Superlite features 5 storage pockets, these pockets include 2 full length clothing pockets and a velour lined valuables pocket. The 14-way top of the H2NO Superlite ensures easy club organization. The H2NO is made out of waterproof fabrics with high-quality YKK water-resistant zippers and taped seams. These design features ensure that your clubs and your belongings will stay dry regardless of the conditions.

The H2NO is available in 2 different color options. Its only drawback is its above average price tag, but the extra spend will be worth it if your clubs and grips are dry on a rainy day.

Callaway Epic Flash Staff Bag

Just because you can’t hit the ball long and straight like the pro’s do doesn’t mean that you can’t look like one. The big staff bags that can be seen on professional tours around the globe are available for purchase. The Callaway Epic Flash staff bag is one of the best-looking staff bags currently available on the market.

The Epic Flash bag is a full leather tour bag with a 10” top and a 6-way divider to ensure easy organization and accessibility. The full leather design is waterproof and it works great in rainy conditions but it is also pretty heavy which makes it pretty difficult to carry around.

Storage is definitely not a problem when using a staff bag. The Epic Flash staff bag features 9 pockets including a velour lined valuables pocket and a magnetic rangefinder storage pocket. A fully integrated umbrella sleeve makes umbrella storage very easy.

The Epic Flash bag is a very good-looking bag and your playing partners will definitely take notice if you arrive on the first time with it. The biggest downside is that it does come with a hefty price tag which might make you think twice about trying to look like a pro.

Which Golf Bag Fits Your Game?

What makes a good golf bag? There is no right or wrong answer to this question, it differs from golfer to golfer. However, the factors that contribute to a good golf bag include, durability, functionality, size and price. These factors aren’t the be all and end all, but if you keep these and your needs in mind you will definitely buy a good golf bag that is good for you.

Cart Bags

Golf cart bags or just “cart bags” are golf bags that are solely meant to be placed on a golf cart or a push cart during play. They don’t have stand legs but rather can stand on their own. This usually isn’t be best idea especially on a windy day.

Cart bags are also fairly heavy compared to other bags like stand bags or sunday bags, weighing in at around 5-7 pounds. Cart bags also feature rubber padding on the bottom so that they resist sliding out of the golf cart when it’s moving. Additionally, golf cart bags have very easily accessible storage pockets on the front so that you don’t have to unstrap them from the golf cart to get something you need like tees, balls or a pivot tool or any other accessory.

Also make sure to check out our guide to the best golf cart bags here.

Who are golf cart bags for?

Golf cart bags are perfect for the average golfer who seldom carries their own bag. If you like to use a golf cart or push cart for when you’re playing golf, these types of bags are the answer.

Stand Bags

the nike air sport golf bag is our top golf stand bag pickStand bags are golf bags that have a stand that opens up when you tip the bag over. Usually, there are two “legs” that make up the stand. Golf stand bags usually have great cargo space and are also lightweight. Most golf stand bags will weigh less than 6 pounds empty.

Stand bags for golf are great because they allow the golfer to conveniently set down their bag in a stable manner, unlike cart bags that can easily be tipped over.

Another benefit to golf stand bags is that they are the most versatile of all golf bags. You can easily strap them onto the back of a golf cart or you may choose to carry them yourself. This is perfect, especially if you like to go to the practice range a lot. You can just stand up your back on the golf bag’s stand legs and it will stay there securely while you hit balls.

Most stand bags available today have shoulder straps that are very similar to those on a common backpack. Usually, these straps are heavily padded and very comfortable to wear.

Our guide to the best golf stand bags goes over several golf bags that you should consider.

Who should buy a golf stand bag?

Golf stand bags are ideal for golfers that like the versatility of having a golf bag that can be securely positioned, is comfortable to carry around and has lots of storage space but doesn’t weigh a lot.

Most weekend golfers as well as avid golfers prefer stand bags since they can be used in many ways.

Carry Bags

Golf carry bags are great for golfers who prefer to take in the scenery on the golf course while getting some exercise carrying their own golf bag. Golf carry bags have nice thick straps that usually come in the form of a backpack-style.

Golf carry bags or sometimes called “Sunday bags” usually don’t come with stand legs and are meant to be carried the entire time. The benefit is that carry bags are the lightest golf bags available.

Another difference between carry bags and other types of golf bags like stand bags are that they have very simplistic dividers. Rather than having 14+ divider slots, carry bags usually just have two dividers. They’re meant to be simple and very utilitarian.

Most good carry bags for golf will have a few pockets that are meant for the essentials: golf balls, tees, gloves, etc. You won’t find a Sunday bag with a large amount of pockets.

Who Should Buy a Sunday Bag?

Golf carry bags are meant for golfers who always walk the course. Someone who values a lightweight golf bag should also consider a carry bag, especially if you’re going to be walking the course every time out.

Our Top Pick for Best Golf Carry Bag Is…

Actually, we have several top picks for the best golf carry bag. We wrote a whole post about Sunday golf bags or otherwise called golf carry bags. You can check it out by clicking here.

Golf Travel Bags

Do you travel for golf or want to get away for a great golf weekend? Great! You’ll need a nice travel bag to protect your clubs.

See our full guide to the best golf travel bags here.

Golf travel bags are obviously useful when traveling, especially by plane. These aren’t actual golf bags for use on the course, but they are equally as important for keeping your clubs safe on a trip or to and from the baggage claim at the airport.

Who Buys Golf Travel Bags?

Simple – people who like to travel for golf. This could be tournament players, people taking golf vacations or anyone who wants to keep their clubs undamaged when traveling.

What’s the best golf travel bag out now?

Our favorite golf travel bag is the CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Golf Bag Travel Cover. That’s because it has a great low price, convenient features and great padding so that your clubs don’t get damaged. It’s also one of the best selling golf travel bags on Amazon with over 400 reviews. Definitely check it out.