The Best Golf Stand Bags

If you frequent golf forums, you’ve probably heard the question, “What’s the best golf stand bag?” before. There are a lot of different golf bags out there and it might be hard to pick one if you’ve only ever had one bag and are looking for a new one.

the best golf stand bags

The good news is, golfers have lots of really good options nowadays when it comes to golf stand bags. In this post, we’ll go over our picks for the best golf stand bags available and the reasons why we’re calling these, “the best” golf stand bags.

What To Look For in a Good Golf Stand Bag

Here are some quick things to look for in a quality golf stand bag that is going to last you for years to come:

  • Foam padding – a good golf bag has to keep your clubs protected
  • Dividers that go all the way down to the bottom of the bag
  • Pockets – the more the better because you can never have enough
  • Lightweight – because nobody wants to drag around a bag that’s heavier than it needs to be
  • Padded carrying straps – save your shoulders

Foam padding is really important, especially if you don’t want your clubs to get scratched or even worse, bent in the bag (yes, I’ve had it happen before).

Multiple dividers are nice, especially when they go all the way down to the bottom of your golf bag. Now I’ve got to elaborate because this feature is really a game-changer. When you have full-length dividers, it basically eliminates your clubs sticking in the bag and makes it super easy to drop them in and take each club out because the grips aren’t rubbing against each other in the bag.

Usually, the more dividers you have, the higher the price of the bag. Let me tell you though, we think it’s worth the extra price.

Pockets are always useful. Adequate pockets for extra tees, balls, ball markers, drinks and more are crucial to a good golf stand bag. A lot of new “premium” golf stand bags now feature a cooler pocket for keeping your drinks cold – again, this is a game-changer.

You want your stand bag to be lightweight as well. Typically, the higher the price, the lighter the bag. If you like walking the course often, it’s worth paying a bit more to save some weight.

Keeping with the theme of walking the course, you need those shoulder straps on your golf bag to be well padded. You also want your next golf stand bag to have reinforced stitching where the straps attach to the actual bag itself so you don’t have to worry about the seams coming apart over time.

Okay, so now that you know what to look for in a golf stand bag, let’s get into our list of the best golf stand bags available on the market today.

Titleist 2016 Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag TB5SX1

PGA golfers can be a little self-righteous about their athleticism. Fred Couples has been quoted “If you don’t think we’re athletes, next time you go to the grocery store try walking there.”

But Fred can afford a caddy. For the lone course-walker a super-light bag can be a necessity, or else it’s like carrying the groceries home too.

Never fear, Titleist’s new Ultra Lightweight bag series is designed with self-toting linksmen and women in mind. The TB5SX1-model’s sparing construction comes with a foam hip pad, 4-point adjustable strap and a beverage pocket. The bag currently markets for less than $175.

Callaway 2016 Hyper-Lite 3 Golf Stand Bag

Callaway’s newest entry into the light-weight stand bag marketplace is the Hyper-Lite 3, an interesting tote designed to be carried over both shoulders. There are dividers for many big (and small) whoopin’ sticks, 8 pockets, and even a bottle opener, all within a 4.5 lb. weight.

However, some golfers have reported awkward experiences with the dual-shoulder model. If you prefer to carry in traditional one-shoulder style, you’re out of luck. Another issue noted in some reviews is an overly sensitive stand-trigger, which can cause the legs to bump the back of your knees when walking from tee to green.

The Hyper-Lite retails for just over $125.

TaylorMade Purelite Golf Stand Bag

For a simpler and affordable light-carry option, the TaylorMade Purelite is a workmanlike golf bag which weighs 5.5 lbs. With 7 (mostly small) pockets, a pen sleeve, and rain gear built in, this item is ideal for solo handicap-keeping golfers on links courses or in rainy state-side locales.

Oddly enough, this “serious player” bag also contains a cooler pocket which will keep your beer cold on the course.

The Purelite retails for just over $100 and is hailed as being one of the more comfortable bags out there for those who suffer from back pain.

GridIron III Collegiate Golf Stand Bag

Rah Rah! Want to hail your alma mater with a fancy, functional golf bag light enough to carry? Created by Team Effort, The Gridiron III stand bag is made of light-weight nylon and comes with trimmings – cooler, umbrella stand, 4 accessory pockets and your choice of almost 50 college logos and insignias.

This bag is somewhat pricey, but eye-catching. Shipping is not very discreet, so (for instance) if you are a Michigan alum living in Columbus, you may get a dirty look from your postman.

Sun Mountain C-130S Stand Bag

If you’re a stout, young golfer with money to burn, take a look at the newest deluxe stand bag from Sun Mountain. The product does not list a weight, and is more rotund than most easy-carry bags, but for protecting your clubs it has no equal.

14 individual dividers give every club including the putter its own comfy home – unless you’re cheating and bringing along more clubs than USGA rules allow. 3 lift-assist handles allow the bag to be easily picked up and strapped on from any position. There is even a handy compartment for your range-finder.

The only weakness of this bag is its limited production stock, so if you choose this model be sure to order promptly.

Do You Agree?

Do you agree with our picks for the best golf stand bags? Let us know if you have any questions or if you’ve found better golf stand bags that aren’t on this list by contacting us.