The Best Sunday Golf Bag – Reviews and Recommendations

If you love walking the course while playing golf then you definitely need to consider a sunday golf bag or golf carry bag. The best sunday golf bags have these features in common: lightweight, minimalist storage and a comfortable carry strap.

Sunday bag, pencil bag, pitch & putt bag, we all call it something different but golfers around the globe love them. Sunday bags are small lightweight bags that are ideal for players that enjoy carrying their own golf bags.

Sunday bags have been around for many years, when I think of a Sunday bag the first image that comes to mind is that of the little kid caddying for Francis Ouimet in the movie: The Greatest Game Ever Played. The design of Sunday bags have come a long way since then but there are still many striking resemblances between modern and historic Sunday bags.

Sunday bags feature similar designs, but there are still a few key features to keep in mind when shopping around for one. Below we will look at what makes a good sunday bag and we will also review some of the best sunday bags currently available on the market.

In this article, we’re going to go over what makes a good sunday golf bag and recommend our top picks for the best sunday golf bags. Let’s get started!

best sunday golf bag

Why’s It Called a “Sunday Bag”?

Back in the day, the Sabbath or Sunday was observed closely by the majority of people, even golfers. On Sundays, you weren’t permitted to work or do laborious tasks. For those who wanted to golf on a Sunday, they had to carry their own bag since caddies weren’t allowed to work on the Sabbath. Thus, the sunday golf bag was born. It had to be lightweight and carry only the clubs you needed and nothing more.

What to Look for in a Sunday Golf Bag

Here are some common features found in the best sunday golf carry bags (most are pretty logical):


Obviously, this makes the most sense for a sunday golf bag. If you’re going to be carrying it around with you all day, it had better be light. Some sunday golf bags are made with the same material as their stand bag equivalents and others get even lighter and are made with a different material, similar to parachute cloth.

For many sunday golf carry bags, they end up being about half the weight of a stand or cart bag.


Sunday bags are small. Many of us will think the smaller the better, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Yes, a small sunday bag will be very easy to carry, but it needs to be big enough to house all of your clubs and other accessories with ease.

Good Dividers

Another feature of a good sunday golf bag is dividers. Some purists may disagree but I don’t like jamming my clubs in the bag, dividers are necessary. Most sunday golf bags have at least 2-3 dividers for your limited selection of golf clubs.

A Comfortable Carrying Strap

Some sunday golf bags come with a single strap and others have a more backpack style of carrying strap. Either way, you’ll want a high-quality strap on your sunday bag that won’t come apart after the round and has enough padding to be comfortable.


Sunday bags are small, functionality can become an issue due to this. In order to find the perfect sunday bag, the following functionality features must be kept in mind. Make sure that your sunday bag features multiple pockets, ideally 2 or 3 pockets, this will allow organization of you golf balls, valuables, water etc.

Sunday bags can be very flimsy, a sunday bag with a sturdy top and bottom will assist with club organization and it will also protect your grips. Sunday bags with a 2- or 3-way club divider is a bonus, that will definitely make your time out on the golf course more enjoyable.


Durability doesn’t just make a good sunday bag, it makes a good golf bag in general. Durability is particularly important to consider when we look at sunday bags. Majority of sunday bags don’t feature stands, we put them down on the grass, among the trees, in the rain and the list goes on.

Sunday bags, due to their size, are often overloaded with clubs, tees, golf balls clothing and whatever else we take out onto the course with us. With that being said durability is very important in order to withstand such a heavy load for a small bag.

Get a Comfy Carrying Strap with Good Padding

Sunday bags are easy to carry, but any bags gets heavy on the back nine, good sunday bags feature comfortable straps and a hip support which ensures maximum comfort. A hip pad in particular is a must, without adequate support your back will definitely take a beating if you carry your sunday bag on a regular basis.

Don’t Cheap Out on a Sunday Golf Bag

Sunday golf bags are definitely NOT expensive. In fact most sunday golf bags can be bought for under $50. There are some out there that are very inexpensive but our advice is to go with a sunday golf carry bag that has quality features, even if it costs more than $30. Afterall, you’re going to be carrying this thing with you all day, it should be quality-made.

Price is always the deciding factor for many. Sunday bags are all pretty affordable thus it won’t play such a big role in your final decision. Golf can be an expensive sport, but don’t be too stingy when it comes to buying a sunday bag, a good value for money bag will always be the best option in the long run.

Our Selections for the Best Sunday Golf Bags

Here are our top picks for the best sunday golf bags below:

Titleist Carry Bag

Titleist is one of the most recognizable brands in golf. Golf balls, bags, clubs you name it and Titleist has it. The Titleist carry bag is a high-quality functional carry bag that is designed and manufactured by an industry leader.

The carry bag features a strong durable top with mini legs. The mini legs prop the carry bag up and out of the grass, this is a very handy feature especially when playing in wet conditions. The top features a 3-way divider which makes organization and access to your clubs very easy.

The bottom and underside of the carry bag features Titleist’s signature durable STADRY material, this ensures that your clubs will stay dry in damp conditions. The self-balancing convertible strap of the carry bag ensures maximum comfort. This lightweight sunday bag weighs a mere 2.9 pounds, but with 4 pockets including a valuables pocket it offers the perfect balance between size and functionality.

Unfortunately, the carry bag is only available in black, but it’s functional and reasonable price tag makes it worth the spend if you are in the market for a sunday bag.

Tourbon Canvas Carry Bag

Sunday bags have been around for many years. Traditional golf bags and sunday bags feature many similarities in terms of look and size. The Tourbon canvas bag features a minimalistic design that mimics the look of a traditional golf bag.

The Tourbon is made out of high-quality canvas and it features leather finishes. The Tourbon features a built-in club organizer which ensures great organization and easy access to your clubs. The thick padded lining of this traditional sunday bag along with its adjustable strap ensures maximum comfort when carrying.

The Tourbon only has one pocket, but it does feature a separate tee holder. When you look at the Tourbon your first instinct is to think about hickory clubs, but this old school bag will definitely stand out on the golf course. The Tourbon is available in 2 different color options and it features a very affordable price tag.

Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Bag

If you enjoy going to your local par 3 course then a small sunday bag is a must have item. The Orlimar Pitch and Putt lightweight bag is ideal for golfers that visit their local pitch and putt course on a regular basis. This bag can fit 14 clubs, but it will be a tight squeeze, it is definitely designed to only fit about 4 or 5 clubs and a putter.

The Orlimar Pitch and Putt sunday bag features an ultra-lightweight construction, it also features a lightweight stand which enhances the functionality of this tiny bag. The two-compartment top allows for club organization and easy access to your club of choice.

Storage is limited in this small sunday bag, but it does feature a small accessories pocket and a water bottle pocket. The Orlimar Pitch and Putt bag is available in 8 different color options and its very affordable price tag makes it a great bag to have.

Jones Original Carry Bag

If you are a traditionalist then you will love the original carry bag by Jones. This classic golf bag brings history and tradition back to the game of golf, the fact that it is a lightweight easy to carry sunday bag is an added bonus.

The Jones Original features an ultra-lightweight design, its total weight is a mere 3.15 lbs. The lightweight design of the Jones Original makes it very easy to carry around the course. Carrying this bag is a breeze thanks to Jones’ signature single strap and twisted handle carry system.

Storage isn’t an issue with this vintage bag, it features a two-zippered accessories pocket, a full apparel pocket and an umbrella sleeve. The Jones Original is made out of 1260 Nylon and Vinyl, the use of these materials ensures durability and it is also waterproof.

The strong reinforced top of the Jones Original ensures easy organization of your clubs. The bag is available in 4 different color options, its only downside is the fact that it features a price tag similar to that of a regular stand bag.

Ping Moonlight Carry Bag

The Ping Moonlight weighs 2.5 lbs and can actually hold a full set of 14 clubs if you need them. It is a bit of an unconventional carry bag but it does have a lot of features for not a whole lot of money. What we like about it is the backpack-style carry strap which will make your Sunday afternoon more comfortable.

Ping is known for the design of their signature Hoofer stand bags. The Moonlite carry bag features a functional design that is inspired by the design of the Hoofer. The Moonlite weighs in at just over 2 pounds and it features 4 pockets including a valuables pocket.

The functionality of the Moonlite is even more evident when we look at its sturdy top with 2-way club divider. This sturdy top doesn’t just offer functionality, it also protects your clubs and especially your grips. The Moonlite features a waterproof underbelly, this ensures that your grips will stay dry on a wet damp day.

The strap of the Moonlite ensures maximum comfort and it is always ready in a standing position which makes it very easy to pick up off of the ground. The double strap of the Moonlite can also be converted into a single strap with ease, this allows you to carry your sunday bag in a way that is most comfortable to you.

The Ping Moonlite is available in black and red. It does feature a pretty hefty price tag, but the design and the functionality of this sunday bag makes it worth the spend.

Mizuno Aeroseven Sunday Golf Bag

The Mizuno Aeroseven has great pockets for storage, weighs about a pound and is built to last. It’s a really nice sunday golf bag for under $80.

K-Cliffs Sunday Golf Bag

K-Cliffs makes a very functional sunday golf bag that really works well. It can hold about 6-7 clubs comfortably and is super-lightweight. Lots of people on Amazon are talking about how convenient it is for travel or walking the course. It also comes in at under $40.

Forgan Ultra Light Golf Carry Bag

Here’s another great choice for a high-quality sunday golf bag. The Forgan line of carry bags is very economical and versatile. You have lots of storage and the bag can even carry a full set if you wanted to.

Which Sunday Golf Carry Bag is Best for You?

As you can see, we’ve shown you several options of sunday golf bags that we think any golfer would love whether you’re going to be walking the course or you just want a good golf bag to take to the range.

The best sunday golf bag is going to be the one that YOU enjoy carrying and the one that will fit your needs in terms of storage, weight, comfort and appearance.

What makes a good sunday bag? This question is a tough one and there is no right or wrong answer. Functionality, durability, size and value for money are key factors that contribute to a good sunday bag. These factors matter, but at the end of the day a good sunday bag is the bag that matches your needs and that catches your eye.