The Best Golf Travel Bags for Your Money

You spent a lot of money on your clubs, so now are you going to leave their fate up to airline employees? You need a great golf travel bag that will protect your golf clubs, no matter where you’re going. There’s nothing more disappointing than damaged golf clubs when you arrive at your golf trip destination.

best golf travel bag

In this post, we take a look at the best golf travel bags on the market today and evaluate them based on price, durability, security and other factors.

Let’s jump right into this list of the best golf travel bags below.

Golf Travel Bags Caravan 3.0

If you’re taking that golf vacation you have always dreamed about, you can buy a super-deluxe travel bag with all bells and whistles. Dozens of compartments. A plutonium casing for your driver, like in those silly Ping commercials. Maybe a detachable outer case for just your lucky pair of knickers.

But functionality is important too. For a no-frills travel bag that fits a small budget, the Caravan 3.0 by humbly-branded Golf Travel Bags is an excellent choice. Sturdy yet lightweight, with 2 exterior pockets and protective PVC base, this bag will get your gear to its destination…and save you a few extra dollars for indulging in a Hawaiian clubhouse.

Caddy Daddy Golf Phoenix Travel Bag

The Phoenix travel bag by Caddy Daddy is an interesting-yet-inexpensive choice for the journeying golfer. The Phoenix comes with a set of in-line skate wheels to zip you quickly in and out of the airport terminal, compression straps to keep your clubs secure in transit, and a diameter large enough to fit even a fancy telescope range-finder, all for a low price under $100.

Reviewers report ample packing space and fine protection for clubs, but on the downside the Phoenix is a big bag. A little too big for those hoping to bring a healthy amount of luggage.

It’s on sale right now on Amazon.

Ogio Men’s Straight Jacket Golf Travel Bag

Another heavy-duty option is the Straight Jacket by Ogio. Forget the creepy name – the only spooky thing about this bag is the glares from airline workers who must load your sizable, 10-pound bag full of gear off the dock.

The Straight Jacket can be a little bulky. Again, golfers who are bringing a lot of luggage (or a spouse and kids) may want to look elsewhere. But the item features a very large main compartment, is easy to open and close and sells for just over $100.

SKB  Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case

Do you ever get elbowed aside by a folk musician at the airport, carrying his bass violin in a contraption made out of seemingly inflexible casing? It might be time to fight back with some heavy-duty hardware of your own.

SKB’s Deluxe ATA model bag is a steely-secure travel home for your clubs and accessories, is made with dirt-resistant material and comes with a “million mile” guarantee covering up to $1500 in gear damage. Retailing at over $150, this bag – or case – is also specially designed to avoid any poking or prodding by our good friends at the TSA.

Caddy Daddy Constrictor 2 Travel Bag

Don’t forget those spikes! Another affordable offering from Caddy Daddy, this travel bag features an excellent golf-shoe compartment for 2 pairs of your favorite course footwear.

There are some negatives – for the professional, your PGA-size golf bag might not fit. But at under $100, the Constrictor includes sturdy wheels and ample room for clothes. There is also a set of heavy-duty curb rails and plastic wheels, all in an easy-to-handle 9 lb. weight. Definitely a functional budget choice for those saving their biceps for the 1st tee.

It’s certainly a great golf travel bag for under $100.