The Best Golf Cart Bags – Our Top Picks

If you’re like most golfers nowadays, almost every trip out on the course is riding vs. walking. If that’s you, then you need to invest in a good quality golf cart bag.

best golf cart bags

Many golfers that use carts often use golf stand bags but those extendable legs can be a real nuisance to put in the back of the cart. Additionally, golf bags with stand legs also tend to twist and turn back there as you’re riding in the cart.

The best golf bag for riding is definitely a golf cart bag.

In this article, we explore your options and give you our expert picks on the best golf cart bags on the market today. Let’s get started!

Founders Club Premium

Tired of hearing your clubs jingle all the way from tee to green? The Founders Club Premium golf bag by Direct Outdoors features individual “anti-rattle” slots to comfortably cushion and hold all 14 regulation clubs in place.

Go ahead and bring that vintage persimmon driver – it won’t get beaten up, even if the course is hilly or the cart path could use a smooth-over. The bag also falls neatly within a budget at just over $100 retail.

Cons? The bag does not fit well in some electric carts, and is designed primarily for right-handed club sets.

Ping Golf 2016 Traverse Golf Cart Bag

The sleek and efficient Traverse bag by Ping is hailed by many as the finest golf bag they have owned. Ping has included 14-way club dividers, a putter “well” (which firmly holds even those fancy over-sized pendulum grips Adam Scott uses), air-mesh shaft cushions and 10 pockets all within a light 5.5 lb. design.

Apart from the cost – which isn’t super steep compared to the value – there is little to complain about in the Traverse bag. Of course, some golfers try. The cooler is near the top of the bag which is a matter of taste (excuse the pun) but overall, this is a complete package of convenience and club-safety in a compact package.

The bottom line is that this is a great golf cart bag at a very reasonable price for what you’re getting.

Bag Boy Chiller Golf Cart Bag

If the Ping Traverse is an ideal bag for the serious player, the Chiller model from Bag Boy could be considered the perfect bag for the recreational weekend golfer…and her refreshments.

The Chiller line sports a cooler large enough for an entire 6-pack, making it the obvious choice for those more concerned with having fun than lowering handicap. However, it does serve as a functional golf bag as well, offering 9 pockets and a 15-club divider (cheater, cheater!) at a modest price.

Bag Boy Revolver LTD Cart Bag

The Revolver is a pricier, yet more serious-golf accommodating line from Bag Boy. It features a removable cargo bag, 2 individual putter sleeves, and a handy clip system to keep your clubs secured in place on a bumpy ride.

A truly unique addition is the spinning top, which allows the player to rotate the club heads and quickly pick out a choice.

Reviews are generally good with a few detractors, especially for the high cost of purchase. A golf bag is not very big to reach across, so is a spinning top really necessary or just a gimmick? Other players say they don’t understand the need for 2 putter sleeves. The sleeves will not hold a long putter with a fancy wide grip, either – undoubtedly making this Adam Scott’s least favorite bag.

This is a unique golf cart bag that is well made and might just be a perfect fit for you for this price.

2016 Org 15 Golf Cart Bag by Callaway

Remember Al Chervik’s golf bag in Caddyshack, with its apartment-building look, endless pockets, and a radio and TV set all in one? Callaway’s Org 15 is a deluxe club-carrier that offers a similar array of bells and whistles – except of course the radio and TV.

The fancy design includes 14 storage pockets, a magnetic valuables compartment, a cooler compartment and a bottle opener.

However, the bag has a general flimsiness and some users report that it can fall over when not strapped in. So if your country club doesn’t allow parking-lot loading straight from car to cart, a less Hollywood – and more functional – choice may suit you better.

This Callaway golf cart bag sure does impress us for the price though.